Why We're Here

UKTV 2 YOU offer the ultimate in UK TV solutions here in Spain.​

Whether your at home, a business, bar or look after rental properties,

we have packages to suit all your requirements.​

No satellite required, and no installation necessary 

just plug in and play. 

Easy to use interface and remote.

IPTV provides thousands of channels from around the world,

via the internet. 

Packages available ​3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Prepare to be amazed!!​​

Contact us now for your FREE trial.


Over 6000 Channels, over 14000 Movies, Sky Movies, Box Sets, 

600 Sports channels,  80+ Adult channels, Documentaries, 14 day Catch up, Concerts, Children's Channels, Music, Stand up Comedy and more.

We also have TV from around the world too!

Including Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, Russia, Norway, 

Poland and many other countries.

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Mag Box

We can supply the Mag box or you can provide your own, we can re-program if you move from another supplier.

Use is simple only 3 cable connections, connect with supplied mains cable, connect supplied HDMI cable direct from the Mag to the TV, and then ethernet cable from the modem to the Mag box, not required if using our new box. All that is required is a 2.5mb internet connection.